June 8, 2024

Which nations provide the greatest street food? The top ten nations for street food

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Which nations provide the greatest street food? It is astounding that I haven’t published this one yet, and even more astounding is the lack of a legitimate official list, such as one that identifies, instance,Which nations provide the greatest street foodich you can read all about here.

I’ll show you the official ranking of the worWhich nations provide the greatest strWhich nations provide the tastiest street food?nd it’s definitely not what I would recommend! And I’ve included comments explaining why I think this!

1. Singapore is a reasonable option; it’s not my first pick, but it’s certainly in the running.

2. Thailand’s Bangkok—both the nation and the city are in my top 10.

3. Hong Kong: My second most preferred location

4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam—this is the city and nation I would rate highest.

5. Mumbai, India—surely in the top 10 lists of countries and cities for most people.

6. Rome, Italy is a fantastic option about which I have already written.

7. Israel’s Tel Aviv—What? So pricey It doesn’t make a list worthy of being on.

8. Sydney, Australia: I’m astonished once again.

9. For most individuals, Mexico City is in the top 10 both as a nation and a city!

10. Portland, USA—How come?

Okay, so here are my feelings on that “list.” It is not good. Which nations, in the opinion of the self-described expert The Street Food Guy, have the finest street food?

Which nations, in the opinion of the Street Food Guy, have the finest street food?

I’ll just incluWhich nations provide the greatest street foodudes every nation on that list. I believe I get a pass on being able to discuss about the majority of the planet since I have also visited 156 nations. I’ll work my way up from the bottom.

10) Macao Street Food

I regret leaving out Macao and Hong Kong (spoiler warning), and while I would have ranked them higher, I ultimately concluded that other places were more deserving. They prepare a mozzarella-filled fish ball in the Chinese manner. This encapsulates everything.

Macao street foods

9) Cambodian Street Food 

My present residence! With its many inspirations, including Vietnamese, which you know I like, this would also earn the title of most underappreciated street food in the world!

Cambodian Fried noodles

8) Street Cuisine in Ethiopia and Eritrea

This is the one cheat since I have only been to Eritrea. Though the cuisine is considerably different, Thespian street food is well-known worldwide. Anyone up for an Injera?

Eritrean cusine =

7) Turkey and Northern Cyprus Street Food 

The birthplace of the kebab, albeit I think an English one tastes better than a Turkish one. And then there’s Northern Cyprus, which has an excellent street food culture but not enough burger sauce.

Sreet Food UK

6) China Street Food

Though they essentially developed it, street cuisine in China has its share of excellent, terrible, and ugly. China has the best fried noodles anywhere! You may learn more about my own fondness for Dandong street cuisine here.

Which countries have the best Street Food

5) Thai Street Food  

Anyone’s list—and in fact, the final list—would include Street Food Bangkok. Thailand has much more to offer than just its city, and its street cuisine is excellent everywhere.

4) Singapore Street Food

Although I haven’t written about street food in Singapore yet, I will eventually. Some of the greatest street food available, but the street durian was my absolute favorite. A real force from nature.

eat weird food like durian

3) Mexican Street Cuisine

In Chetumal, I got my first taste of Mexican street cuisine. Far beyond “Tex-Mex.” Street food from Mexico is not Taco Bell.

Which countries have the best Street Food

2) Hong Kong Street Cuisine 

Only because Vietnamese is so very amazing and diversified does Hong Kong come in second. Street food is the least expensive way to dine in Hong Kong, and dishes like curry sauce, sausages, and fish balls are particularly good.

i Best Street Foods in Asia

1) Vietnam’s Street Food

For a variety of reasons, Vietnamese street food is the finest in the world, but two stand out. Imagine Chinese cuisine with a strong French flavor profile. Well, it may be a bit basic, but try a hot pot that has been cooked in butter. Next, there’s banh mi, which is the greatest Asian sandwich available. The second is that, despite its diversity, it is excellent throughout the nation.

Which countries have the best Street Food

And a few deserving nods!

For some reason, I have included a couple places to the list that don’t really belong in the top ten but yet offer some of the greatest street food.

Which nations provide the greatest street food? The Pacific is home to tuna!

While the street food scene is generally terrible and no two nations in the area are alike, weird places like Nauru have the greatest raw tuna in the world—not to mention the Noddy Bird!

Which countries have the best street food

Cuban and North Korean street cuisine!

Everything is still relatively new, or at least it was officially state-owned. As a result, I have included them as honorable mentions when ranking the nations with the greatest street food. In a few years, one of them may rank among the top 10!

north korean street food

Street Food in the UK!

There is a scene here! And we are still the best in the world at making kebabs after hours. At least according to the modest street food man. Click this link to learn the proper way to consume fish and chips.

Which countries have the best Street Food? These were the 10 items on my list, but I can definitely see this list growing and evolving! Keep an eye on this area.

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