June 14, 2024

Orussey Market Street Food: The Ultimate Guide

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Is street foOrussey Market Street Foodrket? You certainly can, and it works pretty darn well. End of article? I have to really go through my mind for material since this is the longest I have ever been locked in a nation. Due to the fact that I’ve lately exceeded my many years of travel, I felt it was time to start writing about street food.

Orussey Market: What Is It?

Though there are several marketplaces in Phnom Penh, Orussey is perhaps the most interesting. It is open from five in the morning until around six in the evening, and you can purchase everything from gadgets to a whole pig there. A whole pig, indeed! View the attached picture.

This is an excellent spot to get supplies before venturing out to destinations like Kep, since it is also just adjacent to the bus station!

But when things come to an end, the entire place transforms into a foodie paradise, complete with a stack of dead chickens that are just waiting to be devoured and the return of the whole pigs.

Street Food Orussey Market

It begins with the pig stated before and then takes a very different turn. You can get almost every kind of Phnom Penh street food here, including num pang, of course, but the greatest part is the diced chicken area.

There are entire birds, young chicks, parts of chicken, and my favorite, chicken anus! This is traditional BBQ chicken and pork! Who doesn’t like eating a chicken’s ass? That’s right.

There are also some excellent, sizable pork chunks that are really popular. After grabbing the skewers and placing your desired food on the cooker, the food will begin to cook.

Street Food Consumption at Orussey Market

There are plenty of tables and chairs for you to relax on as you enjoy the true mixed bag of customers and staff. Since I think Vietnamese street cuisine is the greatest in the world, it’s not a negative thing that the majority of the booths seemed to be run by ethnic Vietnamese people.

There are all the classic drinks available, including iced beer. Even if it’s debatable, I don’t mind a little beer on ice these days.

Everything is served chopped and accompanied by lime, my favorite Kampot pepper, and Cambodian herbs and spicy sauce. One day, kampot pepper and lime will have their own piece. That day is not today.

After that, you eat using chopsticks.

Is dining at Orussey Market worth the cost?

Although I did not really look at the costs, it came to $7 for four beers, a coke, and enough food to really satisfy two persons of average size. The street cuisine in Phnom Penh offers great value for the money.

For all your street food requirements, Street Food Orussey market caters to you whether you are returning to Phnom Penh, riding the bus someplace, or simply chance to be in the vicinity.

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