June 8, 2024

Use these useful suggestions to plan a street food celebration

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How to plan a house party with street food

People all around the globe love street food because it’s tasty, inexpensive, and exposes you to a world full of real flavors, rich with culture, and lots of fun! Although bringing street cuisine inside your house does present some difficulties, if you’re game, check out these street-inspired appetizers and drinks for your next gathering!

While some of your visitors may be drawn to the sweet, others may prefer the spicy. Let’s teach you how to provide a variety of delectable meals that will please everyone.

Now let’s start the celebration.

Make sure you decide on a theme before you travel to the shop or send out those invitations. Mexican, Asian, American, German, and British are among the most popular options. Some even go so far as to throw fusion-themed parties at which guests may choose two different nations and blend them to create some quite inventive meals.

After deciding on a theme, you may organize your menu and present some delectable delicacies. We’re heading out for street food, so it would have to be the focal point of your design. Consider it this way: your visitors need to be able to consume the meal while standing up and with little to no silverware. Easy enough, huh? It’s not. Churros, for example, may be served as dessert if your event is Mexican-themed and they are bite-sized. Sliders are fantastic if you’re going American, but you get the idea—they’re simple to consume and require little to no cleanup. Not to mention the tastes!

The visitors

To make sure you have enough food for your party, you must count the number of guests before you can organize your menu. Nothing is more embarrassing than realizing halfway through that just half of your visitors have finished their appetizers! When throwing a party of any type, there are many things to think about. To maintain authenticity, street food must include standing; otherwise, you may throw away all of the tradition and have a seated street food celebration. Indeed, it can function as well. Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to make sure your visitors are well-cared for, cozy, nourished, and constantly holding a drink! Send out the invitations as soon as you’ve determined how many people will be attending.

Organize a Street Food Party

The menu

You’ve chosen your theme, compiled a guest list, and now it’s time to organize your meal. Keeping an eye on the season is a crucial piece of advice. Be judicious when choosing your foods since if you decide to use a summer fruit in your dessert in the autumn, it could not be available or it will probably cost you an arm and a leg because it is imported. 

Streetfood Markt am Hildegardplatz Kempten

After determining what is and is not available, you begin to plan. Let’s say you are preparing chicken wings and you want to invite fifty people. If you want to save spending hours preparing each wing individually, you may purchase pre-made chicken wings that have been seasoned and crumbed; all you need to do is heat them. Maintaining simplicity in the menu is another tactic. Don’t overthink things; street food is all about the culture and the mouthwatering flavors. When preparing tacos, choose one ingredient that will make the taco heroic and two others that will enhance the hero. Avoid adding extraneous ingredients. For instance, a delicious combination of caramelized onion, cheese, and fried steak works well.

The interior design

The décor has to fit the theme just as much as the cuisine. Plus, there will be some shopping involved, so this will be a lot of fun. The most crucial thing to remember is that you should plan out the evening’s appearance before you take any action. Your purchases will be dictated by your vision. Choose basic elements that can be enhanced to keep things simple (and after you have decided on a theme). You may want to think about utilizing table linens if you are seating your guests around a table. Pick a tablecloth with a solid color; it’s much simpler to dress it up and experiment with.

Then you should consider glasses, plates, silverware, and table décor. Choose white dinner plates, crystal clear wine glasses, light blue tablecloths, and pale blue placemats if your theme is a fish feast. You may really save a few bucks on table décor if you to the beach and gather some seashells and beach sand. You may arrange your table such that the beach sand stays away from your meal even if food and sand don’t mix. A seaside-themed table arrangement may be created by filling a few see-through vases with beach sand, arranging them about the dinner table, and then surrounding the vases with seashells. This is how easy it is, and you may be imaginative. You often have décor in your house, you simply aren’t aware of it.

Organize a Street Food Party

Recipes for street food

Though there are many hundreds, if not thousands of recipes available, here are a few well-liked ones that are sure to please.

  • Sandwiches with pulled pork are a crowd favorite and a consistent winner. Depending on your pulled pork recipe, a pulled pork sandwich might take hours to prepare, but the result is a tasty and crowd-pleasing dish. Expert advice: Leave the spicy sauce on the table for visitors to apply as needed.
  • Burgers with Korean fried chicken: What more could you want from a Korean fried chicken burger than a double chicken breast, kimchi slaw, and chili sauce? Even just looking at it will make your visitors drool.
  • Rolls of lobster: An edible present that never goes bad. A brioche bun loaded with lobster and lemon mayonnaise is used in the traditional lobster roll. Thus, delicious!
  • Lemonade: An excellent way to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day. Anytime you serve lemonade over ice, it tastes great and is really simple to prepare. 

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