June 11, 2024

Street FKandal Street Foodbodia’s worst stadium

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Even though it was an exhauKandal Street Foodeing football, Street Food Kandal, and the poorest stadium in Cambodia was, to put it mildly, intriguing.

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Observing the National Police Commissary Football Club vs Prey Veng Football Club at the 7NG “stadium” was the task at hand. After a prior fruitless attempt to locate the mentioned site, things seemed to be improving, at least somewhat, when I used a map location.

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What is the Kandal story?

Street Food Kandal

The vast province of Kandal envKandal Street FoodIn actuality, it’s essentially Phnom Penh; the boat voyage there is brief but enjoyable. or to this section of Kandal, at any rate. My destination was the same region of Kandal as the AEU Sports Park, which is not just another C-League stadium but a genuine venue that also serves food.

How is the National Police Commissary FC going?

Things were set up along Soviet lines back in the good old communist days—and, dare I say it, the Democratic Kampuchea days. The fact that the Army, Police, and even the Electricity Board are still replicated in the top division of Cambodian football is a remnant of this.

The army, or more accurately, Tiffy Army, is a premier team; Police FC isn’t as good. You may read anything you want about the country’s implications of that.

Which stadium hosts matches for National Police FC?

Street Food Kandal

They play in the 7NG stadium in Kandal, whKandal Street Foode zoo. The 90-minute journey and boat trip are both very enjoyable.

However, the stadium is more of a mud-bath with some seats and a makeshift stand than a true stadium. Even porta-potties are available. Not quite the same as gnawing on the Smart Arena.

Prey Veng FC 0 – Police FC 2

Since Police FC originated in Sihanoukville, one would presume that their residence is transitory; yet, the team’s pitch was so poor that one may pray for their relegation. It’s the worst football stadium in the nation right now.

Because of the terrible field, there were more than five yellow cards given throughout the intense match, one red card for the home side, a booking for the manager, and a police “robbery.” It reminded me a little bit of Sunday league football.

Street Food Kandal

Street Food Kandal

Kandal is still very much in the countryside while being close to Phnom Penh, so there are many of locations with beautiful views, authentic Khmer cuisine, and delicious street food.

Several of the establishments were really opulent, and this area of Kandal with its zoo would make for an excellent day trip destination. I had Cambodian fish cakes, known as Pong Tia Koon (add Khmer), and frog filled with pork while I was in Kandal.

Unfortunately, we had to hurry back to the boat and miss the opportunity to relax and take in the atmosphere. So, the street cuisine from Kandal was eaten at home. Although the match was terrible and the venue was awful, the day was nevertheless rather successful considering the excellent street cuisine in Kandal. However, there are undoubtedly worse ways to spend a Sunday.

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