June 8, 2024

Wood Fired Pizza Mastery: Insider Secrets and Strategies for Handcrafted Triumph

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A wood-fired pizza has a unique flavor and fragrance that is unmatched. An unrivaled culinary experience is produced by the precisely melted cheese, smokey taste, and crunchy crust. Although wood-fired pizza is often associated with pizzerias or Italian eateries, you can have the same delectable experience in the comfort of your own home or garden.

That’s correct, anyone can learn the art of making your own wood-fired pizza if you know the necessary shortcuts. Now let’s get going! We’ll walk you through every step of the procedure in this tutorial to make sure your pizzas are flawless.

Selecting the Correct Equipment

ACR bravo pizza oven with food filled table and outdoor seating with blue cushions

Before you start making wood-fired pizza, you’ll need the appropriate supplies.

  • Outdoor pizza oven: One excellent method to imitate the real wood-fired sensation is to get a permanent or movable outdoor pizza oven. These ovens, which run on charcoal or wood, heat up rapidly. You may choose a product in our collection that fits both your demands and your budget since they come in a variety of sizes and pricing points.
  • Pizza stone: A pizza stone may be a great substitute for a specialized pizza oven if you don’t have the room or money for one. An uniformly distributed heat source, such as a pizza stone, produces a crispy crust. Set the lowest rack in your oven and preheat it to the maximum temperature. This will replicate the scorching heat of an oven powered by wood.
  • Gas grill: You may use your gas grill to create a temporary pizza oven. Place a pizza stone directly on the grill grates and preheat the grill to high. The wood-fired impression will be enhanced by the grill lid’s ability to retain heat. Although it could take some effort to get the temperature and time just perfect, the results can be amazing.

How does a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven operate?

ACR Vita wood fired pizza oven close up of flames

Learn how wood-fired pizza ovens operate before you start baking mouthwatering pizzas. Pizzas are cooked to perfection using the tremendous heat produced by burning wood in an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

The insulating materials used to make wood-fired pizza ovens, such as clay, brick, or stone, may aid in the equal retention and distribution of heat.

Dry, seasoned wood is put in the firebox of the oven and lit to begin cooking, generating a fierce, roaring fire. The heat from the burning wood is released. It creates flames and high temperatures that are ideal for melt cheese that tastes great and crusts that are crispy.

The construction and insulation of the pizza oven trap heat, resulting in a highly heated interior. Heat will be absorbed and radiated by the floor of the oven, which is usually composed of refractory material. You set the pizza on the floor, which serves as the cooking surface.

Which kind of wood works best in a wood-fired pizza oven?

It is feasible to use both hardwoods and softwoods in a wood-fired pizza oven. Nonetheless, there are a few crucial elements to take into account while choosing appropriate logs. Among them are:

  • Moisture level: Just as with wood-burning stoves, it’s important to use only wood with minimal moisture content when using pizza ovens. Invest in wood that has the Woodsure “Ready to Burn” emblem. Kiln-dried is an excellent option! As an alternative, you may use a log storage to dry out “green” or newly cut wood. However, you won’t be able to use it for at least six months.
  • Cleanliness: You don’t want any unsavory substances to seep into your food. Keep treated or painted wood out of your wood-fired pizza oven.
  • Size: Logs will burn for a longer time if they are larger. Smaller logs, however, are probably going to burn out sooner. Therefore, while selecting log sizes, take into account how long you need the pizza oven to remain hot.

Getting proficient with pizza dough

pizza prepare dough hand topping

Of course, the base of every excellent pizza is the dough. It takes precision to get just the right amount of chewiness and crispiness. Here’s how to do it correctly:

  • When choosing flour, look for high-quality varieties like bread flour that are strong in protein. These flours have a high gluten content, which makes the crust chewier. Try out several flour combinations to determine the texture and taste that you like most. 
  • Correct kneading: Give your dough enough time to be properly kneaded. This aids in the development of the gluten, which provides structure to the dough. Knead the dough with your hands or a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment until it becomes smooth and elastic. Usually, this takes ten to fifteen minutes. 
  • Fermentation: Let the dough gently ferment in the fridge. The taste and texture of the dough are improved by this technique. Once the dough has been kneaded, transfer it to a bowl and coat the interior with a little oil. After covering it with cling film, chill it for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator. Better outcomes come from fermentation that lasts longer. 
  • Stretching and shaping: Take the dough out of the refrigerator and allow it come to room temperature for about half an hour before making your pizza. To get the appropriate thickness, gently stretch the dough with your hands or a rolling pin. To get the traditional puffy crust, do not forget to leave the edges slightly thicker. To stop it from sticking, dust your surface with semolina or cornflour. In addition, it will aid in the dough’s eventual baking success in achieving the ideal crisp.

Cheese, toppings, and sauce

Family or friends having pizza party dinner. Flat-lay of people taking and eating various kinds of pizza and drinking red wine over rustic wooden table, top view. Fast food lunch, celebration

Now that the dough is prepared, it’s time for the fun part. That’s the cheese, toppings, and sauce, naturally! For flavor-packed excellence, heed these tips:

  • Keep your pizza sauce basic so that the high-quality ingredients may take center stage. To get an intense taste, use premium tomatoes. Blend them with garlic, salt, olive oil, and just enough sugar to keep things balanced. To keep the sauce fresh, simmer it for a little period of time. 
  • Choosing the ideal cheese: Fresh mozzarella is the greatest cheese for pizza since it has a creamy, oozy feel. Cut it into little pieces, or tear it apart, and spread them equally over the pizza. Alternatively, explore with cheeses like Parmesan or Gorgonzola if you enjoy a more nuanced taste. 
  • Delicious toppings: Achieve the ideal harmony of tastes and textures. Aim to keep your pizza from becoming overdone. Select a small number of superior components instead. A delectable burst of flavor may be added by using cured meats, olives, thinly sliced veggies, and fresh herbs. 

In what way is pizza prepared in a wood-fired brick oven?

Delicious pizza from a hot outdoor stone oven with fire taken out with a food shovel

It’s time to bake your pizza to perfection now that you’ve topped it with all of your favorite toppings. Be mindful of the following actions:

  • Pre-heating: Make sure the temperature in your pizza oven or oven is set to the highest setting. This is necessary to have both a quick baking time and a crispy crust. Prior to usage, preheat any baking trays or pizza stones in the oven.
  • Placement tip: Use a pizza peel or a flat tray sprinkled with cornflour or semolina to transfer your pizza onto a baking sheet or pizza stone. This will facilitate the dough’s easy sliding onto the heated surface by preventing it from sticking.
  • Time is of the essence. The thickness of your pizza and the temperature of your oven will affect how long it takes to cook. To prevent the crust from burning or the toppings from overcooking, keep a constant check on your pizza. 
  • Final touches: After your pizza is cooked and taken out of the oven, make any necessary additions to make it flawless. Add some sea salt, olive oil, or fresh herbs on your pizza to bring out the flavors and make it look even better. 

Direct Stoves Suggested

The ACR Bravo Pizza Oven lets you enjoy the authentic flavor of Italy.

ACR Bravo Wood Fired pizza oven on a patio in a garden

Let’s say you are a pizza enthusiast who wishes you could indulge in the real Italian tastes from the comfort of your own backyard. The ACR Bravo is the ideal partner for you in such situation. This log-fired pizza oven, painstakingly built in Italy and made from the best materials, will deliver the spirit of Italian food right to your door.

The Bravo creates the most delicious and genuine pizzas in a matter of minutes by fusing cutting-edge technology with age-old artistry. The best possible heat retention and distribution are guaranteed by the chamotte oven foundation and excellent insulation. What was the outcome? A delightfully crunchy crust that is guaranteed to please. You can easily create pizzas with this oven that have flavors and textures that compete with those of your favorite Italian restaurant.

The ACR Bravo is well known for its outstanding pizza-making abilities. But it’s far more versatile than just pizza. In actuality, this magnificent oven is perfect for roasting, slow cooking, and other delicious culinary techniques. Effective insulation is provided by the stainless-steel inside and steel outside. You can rely on exact control over your culinary wonders and reliable heat retention.

Don’t put off discovering the genuine spirit of Italian cooking any longer. With the ACR Bravo Pizza Oven, you may wow your loved ones, bring the flavor of Italy into your house, and make priceless memories.

The Morsø Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set will make outdoor eating even more enjoyable.

Morso Forno Outdoor Oven with a stand filled with firewood

With the Morsø Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven Set, you can explore an incredible world of gourmet delights and mouthwatering sensations in your own backyard. This remarkable set opens the door to a whole new realm of exceptional outdoor cooking; it’s not your typical barbecue. With this outdoor oven set, you can cook a plethora of mouthwatering dishes, including tender steaks, delicately smoked seafood, wood-fired pizza, and mouthwatering lamb kebabs. The culinary options are endless.

The Forno Deluxe Outdoor Oven is made of double-coated cast iron and is designed with extreme accuracy to withstand the test of time. Because of its sturdy construction, which ensures outstanding heat retention, your food will always be cooked to perfection. You can cook with confidence and wow your family and friends with consistently delicious outcomes when you use this oven.

Additionally, the Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven Set comes with a number of necessary items that elevate your outdoor cooking experience. With the Tuscan Grill, you can fully enjoy the art of grilling and give your food a deliciously smokey, grilled flavor that will leave you wanting more. The oven is easily cleaned with the ash scraper, which simplifies maintenance. Not to mention using the fire tongs that come with it to ensure your safety.

The outdoor table included with the set offers a designated area for cooking or socializing. You also get thoughtful accessories that further improve your culinary experience. You can easily slide your handmade treats in and out of the oven with the help of the pizza peel. The Forno Cover will shield your oven from the weather and preserve it in perfect condition for your next gourmet creation.

With the Morsç Forno Deluxe outside Oven Set, you can transform your outside area into a lovely paradise of culinary wonders. Embrace the fun of outdoor cooking and unleash your inner chef to enhance your get-togethers and family time.

With the ExclusiveDecor Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Base, discover true sensations.

Royal wood fired pizza oven in white on a base with two shelves

With the XclusiveDecor Royal Pizza Oven, you can create a stunning center point in your garden or outdoor area. For any food fan, this handcrafted, genuine, and exquisite wood-fired pizza oven is the ideal garden addition. Its highly insulated construction and effective heat dispersion allow you to consistently cook food to perfection.

Because of its exceptional ease of use, the Royal Pizza oven is a great option for both inexperienced cooks and experienced chefs. Its superb thermal qualities and quick heat-up time will have you cooking delicious pizzas in no time. This oven is so incredibly efficient that you can touch its outside at maximum heat without being burned. That is how well the heat is retained within!

Enjoy exceptional longevity and a sophisticated design that complements any landscape, because to the fire brick, natural limestone, and fire cement oven stand. It’s made to endure and will provide you years of happiness and pleasure. Furthermore, it goes beyond only pizza. This oven may be used for baking bread, cooking your favorite foods, and a lot more. This oven will improve your culinary skills, from crispy artisan-style pizzas to delicious roasts.

The XclusiveDecor Royal Wood-Fired Pizza Oven will boost the ante on your outside dining experiences and provide the real flavor of wood-fired excellence right inside your house. Savor the delight of preparing delicious meals, strengthening relationships with loved ones, and learning the craft of outdoor cooking. With this amazing wood-fired oven, you may discover endless culinary options and create enduring memories.

Do wood-fired ovens make a good investment?

We at Direct Stoves firmly believe that purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven is worthwhile. Picture spending a lazy weekend in your garden with your loved ones as the scents of your favorite pizza flood the air. Nothing compares to cooking at home, and you may make a big difference in your family get-togethers, outdoor parties, and leisurely afternoons at home with our wood-fired pizza stove.

Get the greatest outdoor pizza oven this summer by browsing our amazing selection right here.

To help you easily enhance your garden, we also provide free shipping to the UK mainland, a variety of financing options, and hassle-free returns.  

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