June 14, 2024

What is Socotra’s cuisine like?

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How is the food in Socotra, and will you go hungry while you’re on this enchanted island nation? The good news is that despite its simplicity, Socotra’s cuisine is excellent overall, fresh, and somewhat diverse. There’s also undoubtedly a street food scene in Socotra!

What is Socotran cuisine, and how is it prepared?

Even though Socotra is nominally a part of Yemen, it is a relatively remote island that depends on either having specific foods transported or using locally grown goods, mostly the latter. Previously, Socotra was a part of Democratic Yemen and received some of its supplies from the Soviet Union. Following Yemen’s unification, it was dependent on supplies from Yemen and, more recently, the United Arab Emirates, who are now acting as the island’s guardian. 

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As an island nation, the nation has an abundance of fish and fowl. The majority of meals are made out of meat or fish that has been grilled outside and served over rice or pasta. These are often served with potatoes and/or fresh veggies, along with a flavorful sauce.

You won’t go hungry for snacks, however, since there are plenty of fresh fruits like oranges and dates, a traditional Middle Eastern treat.

Meals on excursions to Socotra are included in the price and are prepared freshly in front of you as you engage in some intense camping. You dine at the hotel that night, and the food is what is known as Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Is alcohol legal in Socotra?

We shall address the complex question: Is alcohol permitted in Socotra? in Socotra shortly. Alright, we get what you are thinking. But like other Arab areas, tea is the predominant beverage here. 

There will always be a thermos of sugar-filled tea available for drinking. In Socotra, tea is essentially life. With the warm hospitality of the Socotra people, you will undoubtedly enjoy a cup or two of tea with them.

Can you drink alcohol in Socotra?

Yemen is a mostly Muslim nation embroiled in a civil conflict with a large number of radical Islamists; hence, alcohol use is not very widespread there.  Socotra now permits tourists to bring in alcohol for personal consumption, although they are still adhering to UAE-style interpretations. However, you are only allowed to drink one liter of alcohol per person and must not be a Muslim, or at least not from Saudi Arabia.

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