June 8, 2024

The Complete Guide to Street food in North Koreaine

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Is street food from North Korea available? Despite being a communist nation, North Korea is not exactly a haven for street food lovers due to its unique economic characteristics. In general, single proprietorships and small enterprises handle street food.

But, as the economy has adjusted, more of a North Korean street food culture has emerged in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

What are the peculiarities of North Korean street food?

In general, cuisine in North and South Korea is similar yet distinct. But when it comes to street food, they are completely different. Expecting southern favorites like savory rice cakes with spicy sauce is not a good idea while visiting North Korea.

In Pyongyang, will I eat street food?

All trips, including self-guided tours, to North Korea are accompanied by guides and have pre-arranged dining options; this indicates that they want to show you the greatest eateries. Although it is rare, you may be able to sample North Korean street cuisine.

However, you may ask your guide, sign up for a culinary tour, or taste it at certain locations that YPT visits.

Top street cuisine in Pyongyang

During a trip, the finest site to sample street cuisine from North Korea is Kwangbok Supermarket, which you can learn more about here. It’s essentially a foreign exchange shop with plenty of extras like fine craft beer from North Korea for 40 cents, street food sellers outside, and much more.

In my opinion, the North Korean burgers served here are superior than the Air Koryo burger.

The remainder of North Korea’s street cuisine

There is street food everywhere, however certain places are more better/easier to taste than others. As one would anticipate, beach towns like Wonsan and Chongjin provide excellent seafood, which is also available in Rason, which we shall discuss in more detail shortly.

Which North Korean street food is the best?

north korean street food

Rason has the greatest street cuisine in North Korea. I think Rason is my favorite spot in the whole nation. Since it is essentially a special economic zone (SEZ), some degree of private activity is permitted. Great Chinese Kao Rou BBQ may be found around the Rajin Hotel and center plaza, but the real treat is the private market.

Basically, you take it to a restaurant and pay them to prepare it for you after getting the greatest seafood at the most affordable price I have probably ever discovered anyplace in the world. Easy to use and a genuine delight.

Sinuiju Street Food

I had previously blogged about this, but for some reason it was removed from my website. The only location you may visit for a day trip or an overnight stay is Sinuiju. When you go into the countryside, there are plenty of vendors serving Chinese barbecued pork, and outside the Dongrim Hotel is a full-fledged Sinuiju street food setup.

Therefore, Sinuiju is not only the most affordable way to formally visit North Korea, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to try out street food from the country. Personally, however, I think an overnight vacation is preferable than a day excursion, although seeing Pyongyang is still unsurpassed.

And that’s the Street cuisine Guy’s guide to North Korean street cuisine, based on his experiences eating it in the DPRK!

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