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cast iron skillet

Is there anybody who really understands the appropriate way to clean a cast iron? SUMMARY OF A CAST IRON SKILLET CLEANINGecessary to understand how to clean a cast iron skillet? 

Cast iron skillets are highly revered due to their exceptional resilience, adaptability, and lifespan. But in order to get the most out of this instrument, you need to know how to properly clean it. 

You don’t need to go any further if there appears to be a ton of advice and dos and don’ts about preserving your cast iron skillet. In order to ensure that your cast iron skillet grows better with every use, we’ve put up a simple cleaning procedure. 


Adding flavor

For several recipes, including the well-liked Marry Me chicken, cast iron skillets are the ideal cooking utensil due to their special ability to be “seasoned.” Are you unsure about seasoning a cast-iron skillet? This simply entails preventing the accumulation of oils that provide a non-stick surface. Proper cleaning of a cast iron skillet is essential, since improper cleaning can destroy the coat of seasoning. Some better-quality skillets, like the Finex Cast Iron Skillet, have seasoning already added, but not all of them do.

If your pan isn’t seasoned, begin by thoroughly cleaning it and soaking it in hot, soapy water. Once the pan is fully dry, grease it with vegetable desiccating and bake it upside down for one hour at 375°F. After letting it cool in the oven, do this twice a year.


After using your pan for cooking, clean it right away. Letting cast iron soak in water is the worst error when it comes to cleaning it. Even though it looks like a good idea for an extremely filthy pan, doing this might permanently rust the pan. Rinse your pan in cold or warm water as soon as it has cooled.


Is soap safe for cast iron? Cleaning is the most often requested question when individuals are wondering how to clean a cast iron skillet. If there is very stubborn residue, a little amount of mild dish soap works well, but Is cast iron safe to apply soap to? Please do not scrape your pan with steel wool since this will remove the important seasoning layer from the pan. Consider using non-abrasive products designed especially for use with cast iron. 

Cast iron cleaning chemicals and instructions for cleaning a skillet are included in a package like the Finex Cast Iron Care package, which guarantees that your pan will be cleaned rather than destroyed.

stacked cast iron pans


Understanding how to clean a cast iron skillet means understanding that the goal is to avoid rust. Make sure your pan is totally dry before storing it. To be absolutely certain that your pan has securely dried, think about putting it in the oven on low heat for a few minutes.


Compared to conventional cast iron skillets, enameled cast iron skillets rust less easily and don’t need seasoning. To make sure that your pan lasts, you should understand how to clean enameled cast iron just as much as you should know how to clean a cast iron skillet.

enameled cast iron


Enamel cast iron skillets may be cleaned using the same techniques as regular cast iron skillets. It’s OK to soak your enameled cast iron skillet if needed since enameled cast iron is less prone to rust. Before washing, let your pan cool fully to avoid chips or cracks.


Enamelated cast iron may be cleaned with hot, soapy water. Use a wooden spatula to carefully scrape debris from the pan before it becomes sudsy. Steer clear of harsh soaps and scrubbers. Make light motions and use a delicate sponge.

enameled cast iron stock pot and fry pan


Even though enameled pans don’t rust easily, it’s typically a good idea to make sure your cookware is totally dry before storing it. When drying enameled cast iron, use a gentle cloth.


Carrot Souffle




It’s possible that your cast iron skillet was inherited from a family member. Even though the greatest cast iron skillets may last for decades, incorrect storage or lack of cleaning knowledge can cause these pans to deteriorate. Rather of attempting to repair a pan that is too far gone, start again with a fresh pan.

In the event that your cast iron skillet is:

  • Rusted: Rust may be removed from cast iron using certain techniques, although the process is usually rather challenging. To completely prevent rust, you would be better off purchasing an enameled cast iron skillet, such as the Staub Traditional 11″ Skillet in Matte Black.
  • Cracked: Even minute fissures have the potential to enlarge and result in leaks or the development of undesirable microorganisms.
  • Warped: The expansion of heat may cause a pan to become warped. This will probably just become worse and lead to inconsistent cooking.
Staub Traditional 11 Inch Skillet in Matte Black

Make sure you choose a high-quality replacement for your cast iron skillet that will meet your cooking requirements. Although cast iron skillets are highly praised, the substance itself is what allows for the best cooking and longest lifespan. 

Cast iron may still be quite useful if you grill more often than you bake or sauté, as shown by the Finex 15″ Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan. Alternatively, an enameled cast iron Staub Tall Cocotte 5 Qt is a great substitute if you often cook in amounts that are too big to fit in a regular cast iron skillet.

Can a cast-iron pan be soaked?

No. If you know how to clean a cast iron skillet, you know that it should never be allowed to soak—not even when stubborn food particles are still in the pan. This will cause rust to form on the cast iron surface, which is difficult to remove.

Can you use soap on cast iron?

You can put soap on your pan and it won’t be entirely damaged. But use it cautiously. Abrasive soaps may strip seasonings from food, which is what gives pan cooking its unique flavor. If there’s extremely stubborn filth on a cast iron skillet, it’s a better idea to try adding some Kosher salt and warm water to the pan and giving it a gentle scrape with a soft brush.

Can I put cast iron in the dishwasher?

Avoid rust accumulation on your skillet by avoiding washing it in the dishwasher. Cast iron cookware, including skillets, should not be washed in the dishwasher. Similarly, do not run enameled cast iron through the dishwasher.

Is it possible to put steel wool on iron?

Steel wool should not be used on cast iron. Keeping the pan’s seasoning layer intact is the key to washing a cast iron skillet properly. That coating will be easily removed with steel wool.

how to clean cast iron


When properly maintained, a cast iron skillet is an invaluable culinary equipment that may last a lifetime. Before you roll up your sleeves and start cleaning, make sure you understand how to properly care for your cast iron skillet. With consistent usage, the pan may even become better! 

Even while maintaining a cast iron skillet can seem difficult, there are really only a few easy actions to perform and a few common errors to avoid. Cast iron skillet cleaning is a skill that anybody can acquire!

Fortunately, mistakes may be forgiven since enameled cast iron and cast iron are both quite durable. Investing in a high-quality pan and a cast iron cleaning kit is your best chance. 

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