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How toA wedding with a street food theme with a Street Food Theme

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Make your wedding reception an exciting occasion if you find the thought of a stuffy reception with the same old speeches and buffet to be unsettling. Libraries, art galleries, and amusement parks are all fantastic venues for an alternative wedding reception, but let’s be real. A wedding reception with a street food theme would be amazing for everyone.

A wedding ceremony “celebrates” the union of two people via a formal, well planned ritual. While there to see the event, they are not really participating in it. While there are certain conventional elements, most of the reception’s activities, such the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throwing, etc., are “optional.” The major function of the reception is the party.

Nothing shouts “party” like a theme centered on street cuisine. A street food theme for your wedding may easily integrate all the elements that fundamentally create a great party: delicious food and beverages, upbeat music, and a laid-back vibe. It simply takes a little bit of preparation to include the theme into every element of your wedding preparations; anything from the wedding invitation card to the getaway vehicle can easily be coordinated with the street food motif.

Street food themed wedding

There is a significant street food fan base in every city on the planet. Every city has its signature dish, such as fish and chips in London, hot dogs in New York, tacos in Los Angeles, banh mi in Hanoi, and chips with peanut mayo in Amsterdam. It’s easy to see why street food-themed weddings have grown in popularity over time. They provide a large range of delicious food and beverage options and are both practical and reasonably priced. We think there are no limits on what you may offer or how you can use the idea of street food at your wedding. But it might be hard to know where to start with so many alternatives. Let’s examine several methods for incorporating the idea of street food into your wedding celebration.

Planning a celebration with a street food theme

Include the topic from the beginning.

Every element of your wedding, from the save-the-date templates to the reception invitation card, should allude to the subject of street food.

Choose the location

It should go without saying that the library or the art gallery are not suitable venues for a wedding celebration with a street food theme. Choose a large, open area where the right atmosphere may be produced for the subject. The space shouldn’t seem confined, whether you are serving meals straight from the food trucks to preserve authenticity or you have little carts set up to serve your customers.

Accent pieces and furnishings have to complement the concept.

Make sure the space is tastefully decked in electrifying neon colors to go with the street’s vibe. The little things add up. The head of content at House Of Vintage, Lauren Watts, claims that changing the furniture for the wedding to include modern, rustic, or glam aspects may alter the whole look. Remember that decorations are the best method to bring the overall design of a place to completion. The theme of the reception must be precisely complemented by the chairs, couches, carpets, flowers, and centerpieces. Velvet seats are superfluous for a celebration themed around street cuisine. But a curb is also not practicable.

mexican street tacos with chicken, carnitas and barbacoa beef close up with radish slices

Make the right food and catering choices.

It goes without saying that food plays a significant role in your life when you decide on a street food themed wedding. Thus, choose the appropriate cuisine to offer at your gathering. Serving filet mignon is pointless; it would be preferable to serve some greasy burgers. The options are infinite and include gourmet tacos, ramen, Belgian waffles, drink caravans, and personal pizzas.

A laid-back affair where guests may eat, drink, and have fun is a wedding reception with a street food theme. While a sit-down meal may need careful planning, a food truck is not subject to the same limitations.

Numerous options exist for serving food and drinks at your wedding. A food truck may be parked there so that guests can come and go as they like and help themselves to anything they want to eat. To serve your visitors, you may also hire street-style waiters.

In summary

Celebrate your love in a lighthearted and carefree manner with a street food themed wedding. Throwing a big party with plenty of different food choices might also be a cheap alternative. If you really love the idea of having a food truck at your wedding, don’t worry if it seems too crazy. These days, having the trendiest pair matters more than being the most conventional. So go ahead and get some tacos and light up the grills as you dance under the stars.

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